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UC Irvine Career Fair now offers Dealership Jobs!

Finding good dealership jobs isn’t always easy and it’s hard for a young person just getting their feet wet to know where to start. What’s amazing to me is that there is a really dynamic shift happening in our industry right now – the salty old car dogs are retiring (and their taking their plaid suits and cheesy suspenders with them, thankfully) and a new breed of tech-savvy and highly intelligent youngsters is injecting some much-needed life into a workplace that is teeming with opportunity and possibility.

When I started working in this business at 18 I was washing cars as a Service Drive Valet for an Audi Dealership. Years later I have worked in Service, Parts, Sales, as an IT person, and now as our Operations Manager overseeing all of our digital marketing, social media, and events. What started as a pretty ordinary job has blossomed in to a great career; it’s a pleasure to share that experience with others as we recruit interns.

So what kind of dealership jobs are in demand? Remember, we have Sales, Service, Parts, Accounting, and Marketing Departments – and lots of customer service positions in between. Our internship program, however, aims to be a gateway to these positions and focuses mainly on the marketing activity around the dealership.

We bring in two main kinds of interns: Social Butterflies and Keyboard Ninjas. I’ll explain.


social butterfly intern

Social Butterflies are culture-connected, mobile-centric, and highly personable. They are in the know and can spot a trend in the making. Our Social Butterflies are at the core of our experiential marketing strategy. Our dealership puts on all kinds of events – customer appreciation events, prospective client events, and all kinds of charity sponsorships and promotions. These events need meticulous planning and a lot of hands to put on. The point of these events is to make connections and strengthen relationships between our community and our “local” brand – Audi Mission Viejo. In this case an intern might help plan an event, scope a venue, help with calls and mailings, meet and greet, snap photos and upload them to our social media pages, and blog about it afterward.


keyboard ninja intern

Keyboard Ninjas are our tech-development assassins. They’re found behind the scenes hanging upside-down from the ceiling, waiting to strike – they are not to be trifled with. Part of our digital marketing effort is to give our online users an experience different from all of the other websites out there. Have you been on a car dealership website lately? Chances are, it was pretty uninspiring and likely it was all too similar to any of the other five dealership websites you visited before it. Our goal is to take the cool stuff out there (that you might find on our WordPress sites) and plug it in to our main website which we have limited control over. That’s a challenge in itself – one that calls for talent, discipline, and stealth… just like a ninja. These interns are usually in the computer sciences field, working toward software and front-end development.


All of our interns have an opportunity to get to know our industry from the inside out and sharpen their skills. They also have a big foot in the door for any of our entry-level positions as they become available. Our thanks to UC Irvine for hosting us at the fair today – here are some photos from the event!


crowd at UC Irvine career fair

Great turnout – it was hard to catch a breath throughout the day!

toyota booth at the UC Irvine career fair

Is that our friends at Toyota Corporate? Nice!

booths at the UC Irvine career fair

There were a ton of companies on hand

Jazel booth at the UC Irvine career fair

Jazel is in Automotive! They make websites. Hi guys!

experian booth at the UC Irvine career fair

Experian is one of the credit reporting bureaus that we use in financing our cars.

audi booth at the UC Irvine career fair

Meet our booth. Booth, this is Anteater – Anteater, Booth.