How Did Audi Mission Viejo Earn the #1 Audi Certified Pre-Owned Title?

Introducing Hector Quiroz, assistant used car manager in charge of Audi CPO vehicles

Audi Mission Viejo earned the top spot in the country last month as the number one Audi Certified Pre-Owned dealer in the US. But it’s not just our cars that got us to the top, it’s our people: like 27 year old assisant used car manager Hector Quiroz, who handles the Audi CPO vehicles. Quiroz has been with the dealership since it opened in 2004.

Quiroz, who grew up in nearby San Juan Capistrano, was working as a restaurant cashier when he drove by Audi Mission Viejo during its construction process. Deciding it looked like a good place to work, Quiroz applied for a entry level job and started his career path with the dealership – learning just about every aspect of the car business along the way.

“As soon as they opened, I stopped in and applied for a job,” remembers Quiroz. “I was hired as a car wash guy, moved into detailing cars, and then into the service department, greeting customers and doing shuttle runs. I then became the used car manager’s assistant, parking cars on the front lot and gassing them up. Then I started in this position.“Working with the CPO cars, I am involved a lot in the processes here; I work with everyone at the dealership, every single department. And I’m working with the people at the auctions, the wholesalers – and I work a lot with one of the owners, Scott Gunderson. He’s taught me a lot about the business.”

Quiroz oversees everything having to do with the CPO cars at Audi Mission Viejo, which come from two different sources – cars that have been returned as trade ins and cars that Quiroz buys at auction. Cars purchased at auctions all over the country have a rigorous set of standards to meet before Quiroz will even consider purchasing them.

“We buy the cleanest auction cars at any given auction. Cars are graded from one to six based on the caliber of the car (six being highest) and we don’t even look at cars that are graded below a four. We get the nicest cars, bring them in here and put them through our certification process.”

The procedure to certify a used Audi is an intensive inspection process that looks at over 300 different components of the car to make sure it is in perfect condition.  The entire outside of the vehicle is thoroughly inspected by Audi Mission Viejo’s certified Audi technicians – making sure everything from the bumper to the roofline is free of dents, marks or scratches. The interior is then inspected to make sure there are no tears in the upholstery or marks on the doors or dash. Any marks, chips or other imperfections are fixed – even if it means, for example, replacing the entire bumper.

Certified Pre-Owned Process

“We get a car in, take a photo of it and make a complete inspection. That way, detail knows if, say, the bumpers need to get painted. So before it goes into the service bay, they have the bumpers off and are getting them painted. Then the technician starts working on it, taking care of any problems. The bumpers go back on, it gets detailed inside and out and goes onto the line. It takes three to five days for every car. So a lot of work and time goes into each car.

“These cars go into service and come out with new brakes, new tires, replacement keys, whatever it takes – when the service guys get finished with them, they’re pretty much new cars.

“It’s a really good feeling, knowing we’re number one right now – all the hard work pays off!

About Audi Mission Viejo
Audi Mission Viejo has been family owned and operated since June 15th, 2004. Nestled in the heart of Southern Orange County, Audi Mission Viejo has a commanding inventory of new and Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and is a multiple winner of Audi’s Magna Society recognition – an award reserved for dealerships with exceptional service. Visit