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The Summer of Audi, Lease Specials Announced!

Summer of Audi Event page header

The 2013 Summer of Audi Event is on now at Audi Mission Viejo and with it comes exciting lease specials and financing rates on both New and Certified Pre-Owned Audis. In addition to the new car lease offers and the great financing programs, the Summer of Audi brings fresh inventory to our lot. Right now the selection is high but as these deals wind down, so will our selection – so act now!

Program Period: 06/04/2013 – 08/05/2013 unless otherwise noted.


Summer of Audi Lease Specials

There are three things you should know about the lease specials this summer – which apply to select 2013 and 2014 models. First, when approved through Audi Financial Services (AFS), your Security Deposit is waived. Second, AFS is extending 36 month lease programs out to 39 months. This means you can reduce your payment by splitting the amount owed by three additional payments. And thirdly, your first lease payment is covered, up to $1,800! That all adds up to one conclusion – don’t be left behind, stop by Audi Mission Viejo today! For a complete list of eligible models and first payment amounts, visit The Summer of Audi details page on AudiMV.com.


Summer of Audi New Car Financing and Purchase Programs

Audi Financial Services is offering as low as 1.9% APR on approved credit on select models during the Summer of Audi (follow link to see list). This low rate can be extended up to 60 months! Don’t forget, buyers who act very quickly (before July 8th, 2013) can also take advantage of the Loyalty Incentive – for existing Audi owners – up to $3,000 or take part in the New Owner Acquisition Program – for new-to-the-brand buyers – which can equally earn up to $3,000 in incentive! Details on either of these programs can be found in our Specials Directory.


Certified Pre-Owned Specials during the Summer of Audi

If you hurry before July 8th 2013, you can still take advantage of incredible financing from Audi Financial Services on Model Years 2008 through 2013 Certified Pre-Owned Audis. Short-term financing is as low as 0.9% APR, long term up to 60 months is as low as 1.9% APR! The staff at Audi Mission Viejo prides itself on seeking out and keeping the finest used Audis in Orange County and backing them up with a stellar 6-year / 100,000 mile warranty (more details available on site).


Summer of Audi Television Commercials

The team at Venables Bell & Partners, the ad agency responsible for the stunning Audi Superbowl Commercials and all of the Audi of America commercials and videos of late, keeps cranking out perfection; our hats off to them. For The Summer of Audi Event, they have published two new Audi commercials: “Obsessed” and “Farewell”.

Audi Commercial: “Obsessed”

In this video, a young boy is assembling an Audi model out of Legos (this was me as a kid). In the other room, his father is assembling an Audi on Audi’s website configurator (this is me now). Neither’s attention is easily shaken by the mother, who is asking if their obsession is warranted. The commercial highlights how captivating the Audi brand has become, and how it has great appeal to the engineer-at-heart. The video is tagged with the Summer of Audi Event announcement.

Audi Commercial: “Farewell”

In this video, two summer camp kids are exchanging farewell gifts of friendship bracelets. The young boy who later walks toward a new Audi A6 (which one assumes is owned by his family) surprises the young girl by giving her an incredibly crafted bracelet housed in a hand-carved wooden box that he made. The clip is meant to show the extreme level of craftsmanship and detail that goes in to every Audi. The video closes with the Summer of Audi Event announcement.