Style and Safety: Audi Tops Safety Lists Mar13


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Style and Safety: Audi Tops Safety Lists

Audi Safety - Audi Mission Viejo

Image via Flickr by Duck_&_Cover

There aren’t many cars on the market that combine sleek styling and reliable safety. However, the new Audi A6 and S6 undoubtedly do both. These two vehicles prove that you don’t have to sacrifice one of these aspects in lieu of the other. So, let’s check out some of the safety features of the A6 and S6 that keep this German automaker at the top of the NTSB safety ratings.


Older automobiles usually feature only a driver’s side airbag. The Audi A6 and S6, on the other hand, have so many airbags blanketing the car (eight to be exact), that if you’re in a crash, you’ll feel like you’re in a giant self-contained marshmallow. Not only are there driver and passenger airbags, but there are also side, head, and even knee airbags. Don’t purposely roll your car, but know that if you do, you have a decent shot at coming out unscathed.

Crash Sensors

In the event of an accident, the A6 and S6 feature crash sensors that help minimize the effects of a crash. Upon sensing an imminent collision, the sensors unlock doors, activate interior and hazard lights, and switch off the engine and fuel pump to lessen any chance of a fire after the accident.

Stability Control

Like most modern cars, the A6 and S6 come standard with an anti-lock braking system. In addition to this system, the vehicle also comes equipped with stability control, allowing for easier handling. Basically, the car senses if the vehicle has reached its limit when it comes to safe turning and handling. If the cars gain too much speed and try to turn, stability control will slow the car automatically and reroute power to the braking system to allow for easier, more controlled turns.

Blind Spot Monitor

Typically, no matter how you set your side mirrors, you still have that tiny area on both sides where you can’t see other drivers. Originally introduced in 2010 and subsequently improved, the blind spot monitor on the A6 and S6 gives you the ability to “see” these areas by giving you a visual warning if you drift or change lanes with a car in the blind spot. Not only this, but the blind spot monitor also calculates the speed of approaching vehicles to determine if a lane change would be hazardous.

Auto Leveling Headlights

If you’re driving late at night on an unfamiliar road, auto leveling headlights on the A6 and S6 can save your life. By adjusting themselves to the contours of the road, the headlights allow you to see objects a split second earlier. Therefore, if a sharp curve or a deer lingers in the near future, you’ll have just enough time to maneuver safely.

With such a plethora of safety features, it’s no wonder that the Audi A6 and S6 received a 5 star rating from the National Transportation Safety Board. In the category of mid-sized luxury vehicles, it far outdoes the competition in safety – Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus don’t come close. So, if you’re in the market for a stylish, safe luxury vehicle, look no further than the 2014 Audi A6 and S6.