Laguna Niguel resident appreciates Mission Hospital/Audi Mission Viejo

Thanks to our friends at Mission Hospital for sending along this story about last year’s Mission Hospital Golf Classic Opportunity Drawing, Don Tilly of Laguna Niguel.

It was just the usual Wednesday night card game with the guys. As Don Tilly looked over the promising hand he was dealt, he tried to put on his best “poker face” in front of his buddies. Maybe this was going to be his lucky night. As the game progressed, Tilly started sweating. He couldn’t figure out why he was feeling so hot and uncomfortable, but thought he would feel better if he lied down on the couch and rested for a few minutes. His friends grew concerned when he didn’t rejoin the game and urged him to go to Mission Hospital.

When he arrived at Mission, the ER team quickly determined that he was having a heart attack. His lower left artery in his heart was partially blocked and he needed immediate surgery to place a stent in his artery to restore blood flow. After his successful surgery, Tilly was transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit where he received expert care from Mission’s doctors, nurses and staff for the next three days.

Although his heart attack was a frightening experience, he felt peace of mind knowing he was at Mission.

“I knew I was going to get the best medical care as soon as I walked into the ER and told the nurse I thought I was having a heart attack – I was on a gurney within seconds. There was absolutely no hesitation, no asking questions and no stopping to fill out paperwork.”

Laguna Niguel’s Don Tilly and the team at Audi Mission Viejo

It’s been several years since that momentous poker game and Tilly is enjoying his new and improved healthy heart. Last year, during the annual Mission Hospital Golf Classic, presented by Audi Mission Viejo and lnfiniti of Mission Viejo, Tilly received a call that probably caused his heart to skip a beat! He was the lucky winner of the Audi/lnfiniti opportunity drawing!

Thanks to the generosity and support of everyone who works on the Mission Hospital Golf Classic, members of our community like Don Tilly are able to receive the best care available at Mission Hospital so they can continue to be healthy, spend time with loved ones and maybe even win a hand or two on poker nights!