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What to Expect From Audi in 2015

What crosses your mind when you think about Audi? Do you think of their cars as status symbols, toys, tools, or maybe daydreams?

Well, whether you’re daydreaming or shopping for your new ride, it’s best to do so with all the information. So, here’s what you can look forward to from Audi in 2015.

1. A3 Sedan

The Audi A3 is surprisingly compact — over six inches shorter than its main competition, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-class. At first blush, it looks very much like Audis from earlier generations. However, there’s a welcome subtly to the A3, from the lack of a tacked-on spoiler to the wedge line rising from the front wheel to the rear bumper.

Complimenting its sleek design, the A3 sedan comes equipped with Audi’s distinctive LED headlights, which shine at 5,500 Kelvin (giving about the same illumination as daylight). The A3 also takes advantage of Audi’s proprietary ultra-lightweight technology for its frame, giving this car an extra performance and efficiency edge.

2. Q5 Hybrid SUV

Image via Flickr by The National Roads and Motorists Association

Image via Flickr by The National Roads and Motorists Association

For some environmentally conscious consumers, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) represent everything that’s wrong with the auto industry. (They are big, fuel-hungry monsters.) Yet, with Audi’s new Q5 hybrid SUV, you can have it all: uxury, power, space, and 30 mpg highway.

The Q5 also delivers peace of mind with all-wheel drive, front and rear LED daylights, and Xenon headlights. Best of all? Even with all that luxury and fuel economy, the turbocharged TFSI engine combines with the electric motor to produce a whopping 245 horse power and 354 lb/ft of torque, making it a blast to drive.

3. TTS Coupe

The Audi TTS Coupe combines many of the most desirable features from the previous two cars — such as LED daylights, an ultra lightweight frame, and all-wheel drive — but puts them into a sleek, tear-drop shaped two-door that feels deliciously agile.

Part of what gives the TTS its agility is its turbocharged TFSI engine, which weighs in at an impressive 265 horsepower, and its S tronic dual-clutch transmission. Add electronic stability control (ESC), traction control, and a tire pressure monitoring system, and you’ve got an impressive roadster that’ll keep you safe.

4. R8 Syder Convertible

If you’re going to daydream about a car, you might as well shoot for moon and dream about the Audi R8 Spyder Convertible.

While some high-powered sports cars are so stylized that they look silly after a few years, the R8 (which was originally launched in 2008) still looks gorgeous and handles as well as it looks. Whether you choose the V8 or V10 engine, the ultra lightweight body and all-wheel drive make the R8 a delight to drive.

For most convertibles, noise is an issue. However, with this car’s expertly designed 93-pound soft top, the noise level on the highway is hardly distinguishable from an Audi Coupe.

As you can see, Audi will enter 2015 with an impressive lineup of cars. The only question is: where will you go in yours?