Audi MV TDI Mileage Rally and Clean Diesel Day Nov21


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Audi MV TDI Mileage Rally and Clean Diesel Day

The Audi MV TDI Mileage Rally was a huge success. We had a lot of great diesel owners come out and participate in a fun competition to see who’s diesel performed the best. After the Audi MV TDI Mileage Rally, we opened up our doors and enjoyed Audi’s Clean Diesel Day.

We had a great time informing people about all the benfits of driving a high-performance vehicle that also gets better fuel economy and efficiency. Check out a few photos from the event below and feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about driving and Audi TDI Clean Diesel vehicle.

Audi TDI Mileage Rally - Audi Mission Viejo
Audi Clean Diesel Day - Audi Mission Viejo
Audi Mileage Rally Participants - Audi Mission Viejo

Audi Customer - Audi Mission Viejo
Rally Flag - Audi Mission Viejo
Audi Customers - Audi Mission Viejo