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Audi Mission Viejo Service Department Expands

Every morning when I come to work, I see cars lined up in our service driveway, almost out to Marguerite Parkway. This tells me a few things: 1. The "Audi population" has really grown, especially here in Orange County  2. We work on a great deal of vehicles every day and we need more space.  We are proud to announce that Audi Mission Viejo is expanding its Service Department, making the leap from 16 lifts to 20 lifts.  We have broken ground and are well underway in the development process.  By growing our Service Department, we will be able to not only maintenance more vehicles, but continue to offer promptness, efficiency and incomparable service to our customers. 

Is your vehicle due for service? To schedule your appointment please call (888) 745-4574 or make an online appointment.  Don't forget to check out our awesome specials!  We look forward to seeing you at your next service appointment!