Audi Launches Audi on Demand Pilot Program in San Francisco May12


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Audi Launches Audi on Demand Pilot Program in San Francisco

Audi R8

Image via Flickr by Falcon_33

Picture yourself at your 20th reunion, dressed to the nines and ready to impress your old classmates. Now picture yourself driving up in a $150,000 Audi R8 Spyder and really knocking their socks off. If you live in San Francisco, you could make it happen thanks to Audi’s new Audi on Demand program. Read on to learn how Audi is making car sharing a reality.

What Is Audi On Demand?

Image via Flickr by Falcon_33

Simply put, Audi on Demand is an upscale car rental service that lets individuals rent the Audi of their dreams for between one and 28 consecutive nights. What distinguishes this program from BMW’s DriveNow and Daimler’s Car2Go programs is that Audi brings the car right to you. The On Demand program features personalized concierges who deliver the vehicles and set them up to the customer’s specifications. Audi will deliver the car to a home, office, or even parking lot.

The Audi on Demand program runs on an iPhone app; users order, unlock, and enable driving all from their iPhones. There’s also a backup keycard in case your phone runs out of juice. Customers can drop off the car at any San Francisco location they choose.

What Vehicles Are Available?

You can order virtually any model in the Audi lineup and specify color, trim level, and options for your Audi on Demand car. The vehicle you create in your iPhone app will be delivered exactly as ordered by the concierge. Audi on Demand vehicles are equipped with satellite radio and navigation systems. You can even get custom extras like infant car seats and ski and bike racks if you’re planning a weekend adventure with the family.

How Much Does It Cost?

Don’t expect Zipcar prices for Audi on Demand; the cheapest option, the allroad, goes for about $165 per day. Several models, including the A5 and A6, go for about $200 per day, while the luxurious R8 Spyder costs $1,285 per day. Rental fees include 200 miles per day with extra charges of up to $1 per mile, depending on the vehicle, for excess mileage. You can also purchase optional insurance and a loss damage waiver. You need a major credit card to reserve and pay for an Audi on Demand.

Where Can I Get an Audi on Demand?

The program is currently only available in San Francisco, but Audi plans to roll it out in other major American cities in the coming years if the program launch is well received.

What Else Is Audi Planning in the Future?

Audi is collaborating with Amazon and DHL to create innovative new programs. In Germany, for example, Amazon is piloting a program to deliver packages directly into the trunks of Audi owners who have Prime memberships. It’s also planning to launch Audi At Home, a car-sharing program aimed at upscale condominiums. With Audi At Home, the auto maker plans to place a fleet of Audis with various condos and let residents rent them by the hour using a smartphone app.

Audi is making car-sharing a centerpiece of its business plan going forward. Look for more innovations in the coming years.