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5 Scenic California Roads to Experience From Your Audi

Image via Flickr by Amy Meredith

Image via Flickr by Amy Meredith

One of the best ways to celebrate ownership of an Audi is to get out there and drive! Especially in California, scenic and historic roads abound, and the only way to enjoy them is to experience them. Check out these five awesome California roads you can explore with your Audi.

1. State Route 254

Although the name may sound uninspiring, this road offers sights that are unparalleled. State Route 254 goes right through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which contains some of the most beautiful redwood forests in California. There is no short supply of sights to see, and some highlights include a 950-year old redwood nicknamed “The Immortal Tree”, three trees that can be driven through, and a house that is made partially inside a giant redwood. These awe-inspiring trees are what lead this road to be nicknamed the “Avenue of the Giants”.

2. Sunset Boulevard

You can’t explore California roads without including Sunset Boulevard.  This world famous street stretches for about 22 miles from the equally famous Rodeo Drive all the way to the Pacific Ocean. While driving along Sunset Boulevard, you’ll see parts of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. If you want to cover all of the best sights around Hollywood in a single drive, look no further.  Be careful, though; parts of Sunset Boulevard hug mountains and can be treacherous when busy or travelling too fast. Take it slow and enjoy the views!

3. California State Route 74

California State Route 74, better known as the “Pines to Palms Highway” stretches from the Palm Desert near the interior of the state to more mountainous areas near the coast, hence its name. Along the way, it passes through the beautiful town of Mission Viejo, which was the site of the cycling portion of the 1984 Olympics, based in Los Angeles.  What makes this road really special is the sheer range of environments that you’ll encounter.  Along its 111 miles, you’ll pass through the desert, mountains, coastal areas, and everything in between. If you want to get a sense of the variety of environments that are in California, this is the road for you.

4. Sand Hill Road

If technology is your thing, then Sand Hill Road is a must-see attraction. Sand Hill Road connects El Camino Real and Interstate 280, and it touches landmarks like Silicon Valley and UCLA. At one point, commercial real estate along Sand Hill Road was some of the most expensive in the world, and a drive down this road means that you can see all of that value. Check out how companies like Google and Facebook may have gotten started with a trip down Sand Hill Road.

5. California State Route 1

California State Route 1 is a monstrous road that traverses over two-thirds of California’s coast. This makes for breathtaking views along its entire length, but for a concise and unforgettable experience, start in the portion of this road that runs through San Francisco. Yep, this is the road that is carried by the Golden Gate Bridge. Views at sunrise and sunset are incredible and one of a kind. Keep in mind that there is a small toll for crossing the bridge, and traffic can be congested during rush hour, so plan your drive accordingly to avoid inconveniences.

So with all these great roads out there, what are you waiting for? Hop in your Audi and go for a drive down one of these scenic and historic roads today.