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5 Future Technologies For Your Car

Audi S8 - Audi Mission ViejoThe technological industry is growing fast, and even faster when it comes to technology in vehicles. Here are five future technologies coming soon for your car.

1. V2V

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication, or V2V, is in the works by car manufacturers and the U.S. government. Imagine a day driving, when someone runs a red light and your car is in its path. With vehicle communication, the two cars use wireless signals to send information back and forth to stop the accident from occurring and keep all drivers safe. It will also be able to read traffic signals so red light running doesn’t happen, as well as giving traffic information to the driver.

2. Self Driving Cars

Straight out of the sci-fi movies, the technology for self driving cars is being developed right now. Google engineers are testing self driving cars on the roads and creating programs that allow the car to record road images, and memorize them for future trips. They are also creating maps to identify traffic signals and even find alternate routes. This is a great way to prevent drunk driving and keep sleepy eyes in check, in addition to solving the number one cause of traffic accidents: human error.

3. Energy-Storing Body Panels

Hybrid cars are one of our biggest weapons in the fight against pollution. Unfortunately, the batteries hybrids require take up a lot of space and are heavy. Europe is working to make hybrids the number one choice of car buyers everywhere by developing energy-storing body panels that can hold more energy than conventional lithium batteries. By using polymer fiber and carbon resin, they are developing lighter weight body panels that allows the hybrid to be charged less and save wasted energy.

4. Charging Solar Style

Another issue of hybrids is that they must have frequent charging, which is time-consuming and sometimes very inconvenient if you are on long trips. Toyota is working on an addition to the energy-saving body panels by placing solar panels on the roof of the car. This allows the panels to soak up the solar rays and store it in the panels so that stopping to charge your car is a problem of the past.

5. Parental Controls

Parental control is a term usually associated with the Internet or TV, but now Ford is developing a parental control system that lets parents program their teen’s car for safer driving. The MyKey system lets parent set the top speed settings as well as control the audio volume on the radio, and even sound a continuous alarm when the seat belt is undone while the car is in motion. To the dismay of teens, parents can rest assured that their kids are driving safely.

With so many new technologies being developed for your car, future driving is safer and easier than ever. One day, you can rest assured that your human driving mistakes won’t be fatal, and that you are doing your part to help preserve the environment all at the same time.