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4 Tasks to Prepare Your Car for Summer

Summer Preparations - Audi Mission Viejo

Image via Flickr by jackiembarr

The sun is shining and a summer of fun awaits you. All you have to do is drive to it. There are four things you should do to your car to make sure it is ready for all the summer driving ahead of you.

Clean Your Car Inside and Out

You will need to clean your car thoroughly inside and out because your car probably hasn’t been washed in months due to the cold temperatures of winter. Salt that accumulates on the underside of the car, in the wheels, and on the sides and is not cleaned off can do a great deal of damage to the paint. The inside of the car is probably full of slushy mud and salt deposits. Hose off the mats and vacuum the interior of the vehicle to get back to new and ready for summer life on the road.

Perform Spring Maintenance

The Car Care Council has declared April “National Car Care Month.” This is intended to remind you to perform spring checks on your car after a long winter. Your battery, braking system, exhaust system, tires, and wipers need to be checked. Make sure you change your tires back to all seasons instead of snow tires. Look for degradation on the hoses and belts. The steering and suspension systems also need to be checked, along with your HVAC system and your fluid levels. If you do not feel comfortable performing these checks, visit a local mechanic.

Focus on Cooling

The last thing you want in the summer is for your air conditioner to stop working or for your car to overheat. Make sure the cabin air filters are changed and ready to filter and cool the air entering the car. You also need to completely flush out the cooling system and refill it. This needs to be performed every two years to prevent overheating. If you are not at that two-year mark yet, you should check the level, condition, and concentration of the coolant.

Get a Tune-Up

A tune-up is extremely important to keep your car in excellent working order for the hot months. Winter driving is hard on your car and a tune-up will tighten and replace various parts that took a beating. Tune-ups will also save you money from future repairs due to uncorrected worn parts.

The front and rear shafts can wear out with the wheel spinning that occurs in winter. The power brake booster and power steering parts also go through significant winter wear. Winter also damages the exhaust systems, brake parts, and transmission parts. The A/C compressor, cooling fans, and air-cleaning parts are vital for hot weather. Lastly, make sure your wiper motors are working correctly. These are important during heavy spring rainstorms.

Winter is very hard on your car. From the cold temperatures to the salt and snow accumulation, your vehicle has been through a lot. Your car needs a little TLC to get ready for the road trips ahead in the summer months.