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4 Reasons How Audi is Challenging the World’s Top Car Manufacturers

Image via Flickr by 36Bananapies

Image via Flickr by 36Bananapies

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have always been competitors in the luxury car industry. The rivalry between Audi and BMW is especially fierce to the extent that each side has used billboards to make jabs at the other, and are competing with each other for top ratings. However, Audi is challenging its competitors with high safety ratings and extensive features making it difficult for its competitors to keep up.

Safety Ratings

Audi was rated number six in upscale cars for safety, with five-star overall rating for crash tests. Audi offers many important safety features standard in most of its vehicles, including side air bags, daytime running lights, rear head air bags, rear body air bags, and auto leveling headlights. With an Audi, you can be sleek, stylish, and most importantly safe. In 2011 Audi launched a new research initiative in conjunction with top Universities that focuses on Driver Diagnostics, Urban Diagnostics, Navigation, and Assistance as well as Urban Crash Analysis to continue to improve the safety for drivers.


Aside from its safety features, one place where Audi really stands out in the luxury car market is with cargo room. The Audi S7 offers almost 10 more cubic feet of cargo room compared to the Mercedes counterpart. Audi’s also come equipped with a sleek interior, video screens, and a crisp, clean sound system that is factory installed. With newer models, Audi is also stepping up its style game with high-gloss black headlights and a high quality black and aluminum interior. Some of the best features stem from its Audi TT. This sports car is constantly evolving and continues to impress even top sports-car makers. The Audi R8 is also a highly rated sports car with many envious features. The car offers incredible power, supportive, comfortable bucket seats, a seven-speaker stereo system, bluetooth, and satellite radio.


One of Audi’s top recent innovations is its Bluetooth Streaming audio, meaning you never have to worry about another wire again. Anyone in your car can also stream their music through your radio. Audi is also now offering mobile WiFi Hotspot to help you stream your music without going over your data plan. The WiFi also allows drivers to use Google Earth, and top of the line navigation systems. Audi connect also lets you see fuel prices in real-time.

Green Initiatives

Audi has taken on green initiatives and encourages sustainability as well. Audi is working on electric vehicles that can compete with the Tesla. In their gasoline-powered cars, fuel efficiency is a major priority. The Audi S7 also emits less than a pound of carbon dioxide per mile, which no other comparative car can boast. Audi also has better fuel mileage, which is good for the environment and good for the owner’s wallet. Green initiatives are important to Audi, and constantly evolving to reduce their carbon footprint for the company and their customers.

Audi is one of the highest rated luxury vehicles and continues to impress with new innovations. Audi also pushes the envelope with different types from SUVs to sports cars, forcing other car manufacturers to rethink their business model.