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4 Items to Give Your Teen as He Hits the Road

Teen Drivers - Audi Mission Viejo - Mission Viejo, CA

Image via Flickr by State Farm

Your teen has passed the driver’s test, has a driver’s license in hand and is ready to hit the road alone. Parents can’t always ride shotgun to ensure that their teen is adhering to all the do’s and don’ts of safe driving and often worry about their teen’s safety. However, there are tools, technology and safety kits to help quell those constant worries. Here’s a list of four essentials that can help eliminate typical parental fears.

Add-On Features

The tiwiFamily safety system can easily be mounted on the windshield. This driving safety device has a cellular data antenna and GPS to monitor driving habits, such as speed. It also tells you how fast the car is driven, sends alerts and can make emergency phone calls. This device can be activated through the company’s website. Parents can keep in tune to how fast their teen is driving on public roads with its Speed-by-Street feature and can even set rules. If a driving rule is broken, teens receive verbal, real-time coaching, and parents are alerted via a phone call, text message or email.

Apps to the Rescue

With apps like App4Drivers from Dangerous Decisions, parental limits can be set for cornering, braking, acceleration and speed right on your teen’s cell phone. This app detects speeding, aggressive acceleration and even texting while driving. It also maps locations where speeding and texting take place. Drivers who go over 95 percent of any parental limit are alerted with audible alarms. Parents are also notified of any breaches through email or text message.

Gearing Up with Good Car-Safety Kits

When you’re driving, life comes at you fast. To help your teen prepare for the unexpected yet typical events, it’s best to have them equipped with a good car-safety kit. Items like a first-aid kit, jumper cables, flashlights, tire sealant, tire jack, extra oil, water and energy bars are just a few of the essentials should a sudden breakdown or accident occur. If the car breaks down in an isolated area, your teen can be kept hydrated with water and nourished with some energy bars. Having a cell phone charger in the pack will allow your teen contact help if needed.

New Teen Driver Gifts

It’s always an exciting time when teens get their driver’s license. To commemorate the occasion, there are plenty of teen driver gifts that will put a smile on your teen’s face. From comical bumper stickers and customized t-shirts to personalized key chains, the list of new driver gifts are endless. There are also personalized monograms that stick on the car along with trendy car cushions in zebra or leopard prints. You can even order a nickname plate for the front of the car.

With add-on devices, apps, car-safety kits and some new teen driver gifts, parents can gear their teens up for driver safety and fun. Parents will also be demonstrating their care for their teens while celebrating this life milestone. Although most teens are responsible, there are some who need monitoring with the new freedom of driving.