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The 4 Coolest and Sleekest Cars From the LA Auto Show

Image via Flickr by David Merrett

Image via Flickr by David Merrett

Every year the LA Auto Show introduces the newest, biggest, and best car designs, and the 2014 show just wrapped up with some exciting new designs. Automakers from Ford to Maserati, to lesser known companies, debuted some action-packed new cars. If you were unable to attend this year’s event, catch up by checking out the following four coolest and sleekest cars from the LA Auto Show.

It’s Back: Shelby GT 350

In 1965 the Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 was the hottest car on the market, and in the 2014 auto show it is making a comeback. This supercharged GT engine has a V8, and that is just the beginning of its amazing features. It has a new front face and aluminum hood that not only looks cooler, but it adds to the cooling of the engine. For you techies, don’t worry, there are plenty of high-tech gadgets inside. Priced at $50,000, this car will renew your love of cars.

Mission Impossible: BMW i8

From the moment everyone saw Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible drive out in that sleek BMW, people have been drooling over and waiting for the BMW i8. The BMW i8 is a hybrid that is appealing to eco-friendly people, and the swan-wing doors are for the car enthusiast. With speeds that get up to 155 mph and a shark-nose front end, this is one exciting car at the price of $135,700.

Go Speed Racer: Cadillac ATS-VR GT3-Spec Race Car

As a child, you play with matchbox cars and dream of driving a race car one day; now you can. The Cadillac ATS-VR GT3-Spec Race Car has 600 horsepower and larger twin BorgWarner turbochargers. It is made of lightweight aluminum, yet maintains that perfect balance between aerodynamic and sturdy. From the moment you turn the engine on, you can hear that this car is ready to race. Although this is not a car most people will ever get a chance to drive, it is one that race car drivers will be drooling over.

Beauty Meets Speed: Maserati Alfieri

Maserati has done it again; they have joined a sleek, beautiful exterior, with a high-speed machine. The new Maserati Alfieri not only features Bi-xenon headlamps, a front spoiler, and decorative spokes, but it can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. On the inside, notice the high-tech display, aniline leather seats, and aluminum finishes. If this speed beauty is on your wish list, be ready to pay the price of $150,000.

The LA Auto Show debuted many cars that will take your breath away. However, these four cars have something more. They draw on your emotions and create a desire for you to open your checkbooks and drive out in a new car. That doesn’t mean there weren’t other eye-openers at the show; you can find pictures and details on the official LA Auto Show website.

Did you attend the 2014 LA Auto Show? What were some of your favorite debut cars and why?